Travel & Health Documents

Passport and visa requirements as well as vaccination certificates and other health requirements for travel between your home city and your tour destinations may change from time to time. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to consult with the appropriate consulates and embassies to determine if any visas or transit visas are needed and to consult with medical personnel to determine what health precautions and documents are necessary. You must obtain and have available when necessary the appropriate valid travel and health documents.

Discover Travel recommends contacting the embassy or consulate representing the countries you plan to visit and transfer through for the most updated information on these requirements. These regulations and requirements are determined directly by the national governments and Discover Travel has no control over these regulations and requirements. Compliance with travel documents and customs regulations are the passenger’s responsibility.

For non-US citizens, a multiple entry visa will be required for some itineraries. Discover Travel accepts no responsibility for failure to notify travel participants of customs and immigration laws or health requirements. Passengers who do not have proper documentation may be prevented from boarding a flight, without a refund of the fare, and will be subject to any cancellation fees, fines or other costs that result from the lack of proper documents.

Please note Regulations regarding Visa and Passport Requirements vary by country and are subject to change without notice. All travelers are urged to check with the U.S. Department of State, their local immigration office and/or respective embassies or consulates for the latest up-to-date requirements.

Do not rely on just the documentation information found here as it may not be up to date. You and only you are responsible for having proper documentation.